Recruitment Night is coming January 29th!

Looking for a new adventure?

Craving something that’s just for you?

Step right into the exciting world of roller derby with Cape Girardeau Roller Derby!

We’re a vibrant, inclusive league inviting individuals aged 18 and above to join the spirit of roller derby.

And guess what?

We’re not just seeking players—we’re rolling out the welcome mat for aspiring referees too!

New to Roller Derby? No Problem!

If you’ve never tried roller derby before, don’t fret. We’ve got a team of experienced skaters and refs ready to help you learn the ropes and join the league in whatever capacity you choose. Plus, you don’t even need any skating experience to start—we’ll teach you everything from the basics up!

All You Need is a Mouthguard!

Just bring along a boil and bite mouthguard and you’re good to go. We also offer some loaner gear on a first-come, first-served basis. And if you’ve got your own gear, feel free to bring it along!

A League Like No Other

Imagine your co-workers, friends, and family members cheering you on from the stands and sidelines. Picture the excitement on kids’ faces when they see you at parades or events. You’ll not only gain a new sport but also a supportive team and a fan club in your new teammates!

No Excuses!

Never played a sport in your life?
Don’t think you can stand up on skates? Feel you’re too old? Or “not in good enough shape”?

Cast all those doubts aside!

We’re here to motivate, uplift, and cheer you on toward success!

Ready to Join?

If you have any questions, just click here and drop us a message on our Facebook event page.

See you Monday, January 29th at the AC Brase Arena in Cape’s Arena Park at 6:30 pm!